The World Born Dead

Session One

The players took the roles of Vedius Medini: the craven Noble, Titus of Cressnath and Atticus Freeman, Black Knife mercenaries, and Senca the elderly slave as they struggled to enter a brass vault in the center of a labrinyth in the Undercity beneath the ruined city of Agamentar in the Eastern Provinces. The nobleman’s growing madness led to him using sleep on Atticus, and Titus murdering his friend Atticus. In turn, the vault opened revealing a vast trove of treasure and releasing strange plauge of undead. Senca escaped but Vedius was poisoned, and like Titus before was devoured by the undead.

Three months passed. Rumors of the dead rising in the East have spread across the empire. King Nerra has unsuccessfully quashed the rumors with one hand, while with the other he has sent an expedition led by the Order of the White Raven to uncover the truth at the root of the rumors. The White Ravens are accompanied by a half dozen warforged soldiers newly forged and trained in Nerath. They are to judge the capability of the warforged in battle.

Meanwhile, the secretive Poison Shadows guild has caught wind of these new magical soldiers that the empire has created after decades of research and failure. The regional guildmaster has ordered the acquistion of one of these warforged as tribute to the Hidden Master. So the Faceless Ones, the PC’s gang has infiltrated the Order to steal the warforged and ended up being teleported in secret to the White City of Arkanast.



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