Ravenbottom, “the Flaming Chicken.”

Psychic Rogue 7th/Pyrokinetist 2nd

Alignment: Neutral (one shift away from Chaotic Neutral)

Strength 10, Dexterity 16, Constitution 14, Intelligence 15 (16 with Manual of Clear Thought +1), Wisdom 16, Charisma 12
AC 24
(but wears cursed spiked gauntlets of armor +5 which function as bracers of defenselessness -5)
so really AC 14, touch AC 13, flat footed 12

Fortitude +6, Reflex +10, Will +5

51 hit points. Resist fire 10, +4 to saves vs. fire and heat effects.

base attack +6/+1

melee +6/+1 fire lash 1d8 fire damage, 20/x2, 15-foot reach (targets touch AC)
melee +1/-4 -5 spiked gauntlets of armor 1d3 bludgeoning or piercing
melee +6 blazing hand 2d6 fire damage, touch attack
ranged +9/+4 hand crossbow 1d3 piercing
ranged +11/+6 +2 ranged crystal shield 1d6+2 slashing

Feats: Invest Armor, Energize Armor, psicrystal affinity, and elemental envoy

Languages: Read and Speak Gnome, Common, Halfing, and Dwarven

Skills: Concentration 10, diplomacy 6, disable device 10, disguise 7, forgery 6, hide 17, knowledge: local 7, knowledge: psionics 7, listen 8, move silently 18, search 9, sense motive 13, sleight of hand 13, and use psionic device 6.

Power Points: 13

Powers: Attraction, Know Direction, My Light and detect hostile, levitate, knock (3 power points per use).

Spell-like abilities: Speak with burrowing animals, dancing lights, ghost sound, and prestidigation, and shadow blend (+6 to hide and move silently).

four psychic bolts of collision (+5 damage on a hit), two silver crossbow bolts,

Equipment: 39 bolts, bag of holding type I, gray bag of tricks, robe of foul stench (2 charges/day: 1 charge = ghoul’s touch, 2 charges = stench that radiates 10-ft DC 15 fortitude save inflicts -2 penalty to attacks, damage, and save. Mindless undead ignore you), robe of useful items, gloves of arrow snatching, boots of elvenkind, leather armor, 3 flasks of alchemist’s fire, 2 sunrods, holy symbol of pelor, ring of protection +1, boots of electricity resistance 5, clear ioun stone, potion of hide from undead x1, potion of endure elements x2, potion of cure serious wounds x1, potion of bull’s strength x2, oil of magic weapon x1, potion of remove disease x2, universal solvent x1, pearl of the Sirines, hand of glory, winter blanket, winter coat, and a ten foot pole.

Robe of Useful Items (remaining charges)

  • Pair of war dogs
  • 24-foot long ladder
  • bag of 100 gold pieces
  • bag of 100 gold pieces
  • bag of 10 gems each worth 10 gold pieces
  • portable ram
  • mule with saddle bags
  • window (2×4x2 feet)
  • dagger
  • dagger
  • bullseye lantern (filled and lit)
  • bullseye lantern (filled and lit)
  • mirror
  • mirror
  • sack
  • sack
  • 50-foot coil of silk rope
  • scroll of wall of stone
  • scroll of summon monster I (Medium fiendish monstrous centipede)


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