Assassin 9th


Worshiper of Sehanine

Str 16, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 15, Cha 14

AC 17 and touch AC 14, flat footed AC 17

63 hit points

base attack +7/+2

+12/+7 melee +1 keen kukri 1d4+5 (+2 and 4d6+4 against undead)
+12/+7 ranged +1 heavy repeating crossbow of evil outsider bane 1d10+2  (+2d6 against evil 
outsiders or +2 and 4d6+2 against undead)

Class Features: cloak of discretion, death attack +11d6 damage, full death attack, hide in plain sight, improved uncanny dodge, palm weapon, personal immunity, poison use, trapfinding, trapmaking, and uncanny dodge.

Feats: improved initiative, quick draw, power attack, stealthy, and two weapon fighting.

Skills: Balance 11, Bluff 12, Climb 9, Diplomacy 6, Disable Device 9, Gather Information 6, Hide 15, Jump 8, knowledge: arcana 4, knowledge: dungeoneering 4, knowledge: history 4, knowledge: local 4, knowledge: nature 4, knowledge: nobility 4, knowledge: the Planes 4, knowledge: psionics 4, knowledge: religion 4, listen 9, move silently 15, search 10, sense motive 7, spellcraft 5, spot 10, and tumble 8.


  1. Disguise Self, Silent Image, and True Strike.
  2. Command Undead, Mirror Image, and Spectral Hand
  3. Clairvoyance/Clairaudience, Major Image, Vampiric Touch, Tongues

Equipment: Handy Haversack, +1 heavy repeating crossbow of evil outsider bane, two +1 keen kukris, +3 mithril mist shirt, 1 oil of bless weapon, 1 potion of remove disease, gauntlets of ogre strength +2, wand of true strike (36 charges), ring of fire resistance 10, potion of swim, tabard of hestavar, wooden holy symbol of Pelor, potion of heroism, vest of resistance +3, and 49 crossbow bolts left

Artifact: The Orb of Life (8 concordance)

  1. Destroy the Undead, which are abomination in the eyes of the Gods
  2. Protect the living from the depredations of the undead.
  3. Defeat the Plans of Orcus, his allies, and his servants.

Concordance Guidelines

  • The bearer’s alignment is (or becomes) Good (only once) +2
  • Bearer successfully protects someone from undead (1/encounter) +1
  • Bearer destroys an undead with a CR higher than his level (1/day) +1
  • Bearer fails to destroy an undead creature (1/encounter) -2
  • Bearer flees from an undead creature (1/day) -1
  • Bearer takes a level in any non-divine class -1

Concordance Levels

  • Transcendent 21+: The Orb grants great power against undead and demands great dedication.
  • Pleased 16-20: The Orb knows it has found a mighty champion against the undead plague.
  • Satisfied 12-15: The Orb is impressed by the bearer but urges the bearer on toward greatness.
  • Normal 6-11: The Orb of Life is quietly watchful of the bearer.
  • Unsatisfied 1-5: The Orb thinks its owner might be unsatisfactory, but is willing to yet abide a while.
  • Angered 0 or less: The Orb urges its owner to find someone else worthy to carry it, even as it throws the possessor into confrontation with the undead. Eventually, the artifact vanishes

8,373 gold pieces banked with the Order of Hestavar

Common Lifestyle



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