The World Born Dead

Conversion to 4e

Well due to shortened gaming at D&D encounters here in Riverside, I ended up running a session of 4e D&D in this setting/campaign world. Now I’ve decided to continue running it as a 4th edition campaign which if it wasn’t obvious was the main reason I started running the campaign in the first place.

My old players would probably get a kick out of the fact that I’m making their characters legendary figures of note.

Encounter of the Gnolls

As the Faceless Ones traveled through the path one of the members of the gang, Brysbee, sighted a hairy beast like animal ducking behind a boulder. He awares Kaze, another member of the Faceless Ones,to go alert the soldiers 100 yrds away form them. As he goes to alert the soilders Brysbee and Ravenbottom, also one of the members of the Faceless Ones, goes and investigates these beast like creatures. Kaze makes it to the soilders and alerts them also getting his last member in the Faceless Ones to acompany him as they head back to help out the rest of the gang. Kaze and the dragonborn gets up on the ledge and goes down to catch up. Unwisely, Kaze runs down the nimb ledge in effert to get caught up as fast a possible. While he is running a arrow sticks his shoulder and knocked him over the edge. As a last effert he grabs on the ledge keeping him form falling over. Meanwhile as the arrow flew by Brysbee, the halfling saw that the arrow arched from behind a boulder. So he sneak around the boulder to see who shot it. As that happens Kaze is then stuck by a beam of green eldritch power, luckly Kaze was still able to hold on. Once that spell was cast Brysbee saw there was a spell caster in the area and changed his target. The dragonborn takes time to get his thoughts together.

As Brysbee sneaks by he sees several of those beast like creature. They turned out to be Gnolls, Half men half hyena things, that are hidding behind boulder getting ready to attack any one who passes by the road. Kaze all of a sudden vanishes form sight right before everyones eyes. Then the Gnolls and spell caster change there target to the dragonborn. He then gets hit by several arrows and that green light right after another, but he is still standing sturdy and strong. Brysbee comes up behind a archer and another Gnoll but still making his way to the spell caster.

During all this action Ravenbottom goes 40 yrds back so he can levitate up on the ledge undetected and sneaks up behind a Gnoll ready to push a boulder over on anyone crossing the road. After Kaze made himself undetected he trys and climbs over the ledge but out of strength have losses his grib and falls over the edge rolls across the road and almost falls over the edge but barely brings enoughs strength to grab ahold of the other edge of mountain. He still remains undetect luckly and Brysbee is almost behind the spell caster. The dragonborn is then greeted with another wave of attacks that misses him. He then flys down in effert to pull up his Kaze after he gets blasted with another spell that surounds him in darkness. The Dragonborn is still about to pull up Kaze but is then bit on the leg by a hyena. Swords then magicaly appear in his hands and knocks out both of the creatures. Brysbee finally finds the spell caster and sneaks him it is still alive but barely and tryes to hit Brysbee with that green light again but misses. Ravenbottom then sneak attacks the creature behind the boulder that was ready to be knocked over. As he does that the draonborn glides down and finishes that Gnoll off by cutting his head off. Revenbottom and the dragonborn then makes there way along the cliff and incounters more Gnolls. Brysbee is then making his second attack to finish off the spellcasting Gnoll. The Gnoll was killed by the attack and Kaze finishes of the 2 hyenas. The small army finally come up and helps finishes off the rest of the Gnolls. After the encounter of the Gnolls everyone begins to set up camp and rest for the night.

Session One

The players took the roles of Vedius Medini: the craven Noble, Titus of Cressnath and Atticus Freeman, Black Knife mercenaries, and Senca the elderly slave as they struggled to enter a brass vault in the center of a labrinyth in the Undercity beneath the ruined city of Agamentar in the Eastern Provinces. The nobleman’s growing madness led to him using sleep on Atticus, and Titus murdering his friend Atticus. In turn, the vault opened revealing a vast trove of treasure and releasing strange plauge of undead. Senca escaped but Vedius was poisoned, and like Titus before was devoured by the undead.

Three months passed. Rumors of the dead rising in the East have spread across the empire. King Nerra has unsuccessfully quashed the rumors with one hand, while with the other he has sent an expedition led by the Order of the White Raven to uncover the truth at the root of the rumors. The White Ravens are accompanied by a half dozen warforged soldiers newly forged and trained in Nerath. They are to judge the capability of the warforged in battle.

Meanwhile, the secretive Poison Shadows guild has caught wind of these new magical soldiers that the empire has created after decades of research and failure. The regional guildmaster has ordered the acquistion of one of these warforged as tribute to the Hidden Master. So the Faceless Ones, the PC’s gang has infiltrated the Order to steal the warforged and ended up being teleported in secret to the White City of Arkanast.

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