Birth Signs and Blood Types

Birth Signs:

Roll a d10 to determine your character’s birth sign. Birth signs only affect living characters. Characters that have died and been raised or reanimated are severed from the loom of fate and have surrendered their birth sign. If you have previously played a character in the game that died, you may add one to your roll for each previously slain character.

  1. Born Under Mysterious Circumstances (ex): Although to all outward appearance it would seem your character lacks a destiny and accompanying sign, this simply isn’t true. Your birth sign has been obscured. Once per level, your character can as an immediate action cause any spell cast on them to fail. Additionally, the character has mixed blood running through their veins. Lastly, any attempt to use sense motive on the character suffers a -4 profane penalty.
  2. Born Under a New Moon (su): +2 racial bonus to sleight of hand. On nights of the New Moon you gain Disguise Self, 1/encounter as a Spell-like Ability. Caster level is your Character level.
  3. Born Under a Crescent Moon (Su): +2 racial bonus to bluff checks. On nights of the Crescent Moon you gain Detect Thoughts, 1/encounter as a Spell-like Ability. DC is Charisma-based. Caster level is your Character level.
  4. Born Under a Half Moon (Su): +2 racial bonus to balance checks. On nights of the Half Moon you gain Expeditious Retreat, 1/encounter as a Spell-like Ability. Caster level is your Character level.
  5. Born Under a Full Moon (Su): +2 racial bonus to intimidate checks. On nights of the Full Moon you can cast Calm Animals, 1/encounter as a Spell-like Ability. DC is Charisma-based. Caster level is your Character level.
  6. Born from Cold Flesh (su): You are immune to death effects and energy drain. You gain Detect Undead which you can use 1/encounter as a Spell-like Ability. DC is Charisma-based. Caster level is your Character level. Finally, you have black blood (see below).
  7. Blessing of the Court of Stars (Su): You were conceived in the Feywild, the Plane of Faerie and you received the blessing of one of the Archfey. You have the ability to make your voice and form either pleasing or terrifying. You gain a +5 racial bonus to diplomacy and intimidate and can make use of charm person, disguise self, and fear once a day as spell-like abilities with a caster level equal to your class level. You have high blood.
  8. Born by the Light of Ulban (Su): You were born on a day of great astrological significance. Your eyes are solid black, you have darkvision vision, and the aberration type. You no longer need water to survive and can make a DC 20 Fortitude save to turn critical hits into normal ones. When reduced to 0 hp or less, you have visions that duplicate the effects of an augury spell with a caster level equal to his character level. If you wish to have a vision relating to specific topic, you can use divination as a spell-like ability once per day (20th level caster level) but you suffer 2d12 ability damage to a random ability each time that you do so. You also have black blood.
  9. Divinity (su): You are the offspring of a deity or demigod. Only the tiniest hint of divine power has awakened in your mortal soul, making you a quasi-deity. You gain access to a domain granted by the deity and your choice of one of the following traits: +4 sacred (or profane) increase to one ability score, or a +2 sacred (or profane) bonus all attack rolls and initiative checks, to all skill checks, or to all saving throws or you can gain damage reduction 5/epic. Additionally, should you become a cleric of your deity, you gain +1 caster level to all your divine spells.
  10. Twice Born (ex): You the reincarnation of an ancient one whose destiny was cut short. The Raven Queen has granted the request of another deity and allowed you to be reborn with a second chance at your unfulfilled destiny. You gain one of the following abilities: death attack 1/day as an 11th level assassin, greater rage 1/day as an 11th level barbarian, bardic knowledge 1/day as an 11th level bard, the power to turn or rebuke undead 1/day as an 11th level cleric, wildshape 1/day as an 11th level druid, smite evil 1/day as an 11th level paladin, a single favored enemy as an 11th level ranger, sneak attack as an 11th level rogue, or the power to cast a single 5th level sorcerer spell. You also suffer from visions from your past life that trigger at first round of combat, unless you succeed on a Will save DC 21, you take -10 penalty to initiative checks and spend the first round helpless. Work with you DM to determine what your destiny was.

Blood Types:

A character’s blood type is assigned by the Dungeon Master.

Alchemical Reagents (Su): The blood of constructs and living constructs such as warforged. 
Alchemical reagents are not blood in the traditional sense, however to magically driven  
creatures of gear and root such as the warforged, it is all they have. Creatures that are 
sustained by reagents do not bleed, and while they can be damaged they never die. Reagents 
interact with elixirs, oils, and potions differently too. When such magical liquids enter 
the valves and veins of a construct its magics are transferred into the alchemical reagents 
in the construct's body and sit dormant for later use. In this way, constructs can delay the 
effects of a potion inside themselves until they most need it, and can hold a number of 
potions in reserve this way equal to their Constitution modifier + 1.
Black Blood (ex): The blood of monsters. Black blood is often poisonous to the high and low 
blooded. Characters with black blood qualify for monstrous feats and they can coat weapons 
in the blood which has a Fortitude save DC 13, its initial effect is to sicken a victim 
followed by 1d4+1 strength or dexterity damage one minute later (chosen during character 
High Blood  (ex): The blood of nobility and royalty. This blood flows quickly and strong. 
Characters with high blood are fit to lead and gain a +3 bonus to their leadership score, 
and even if they do not have the leadership feat they can attract followers at 6th level. 
Only elves, dragonborn, tieflings, and characters with the noble birth feat can have high 
Ichor (su): The blood of divinities and outsiders. Ichor bleeds slowly and those with ichor 
in their veins are seldom infected. Characters with ichor in their veins only die when their 
hit points equal their charisma score in negatives, gain a +2 bonus to their leadership 
score, and they are immune to non-supernatural disease. Of the PC races only planetouched 
such as tieflings and quasi-deities can have ichor as blood.
Low Blood  (ex): The blood of the common born, and of those born from slaves. This blood is 
coarse and hardy. This is the baseline. You gain no benefit.
Mixed Blood (ex): The blood of a mixed race creature. This blood can carry the properties of 
both the mystical powers of the characters ancestors.

Birth Signs and Blood Types

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