Blood Crowned Houses of the Eastern Provinces

The three remaining noble houses of Bael Turath have endeavored to keep their ancient traditions alive into the modern age.

  • House Barkiendal: a power player in the Soul trade. The dread necromancers and warlocks of House Barkiendal keep to the shadows, trafficking with devils to increase their formidable power and influence in the mortal sphere. Barkiendal facilitates the infernal contracts that result in Warlock pacts. Many of inheritors of Barkiendal serve as willing hosts to infernal possession as part of pacts insidious with the Infernal Hierarchy. House Barkiendal studies the laws and loopholes in the fiendishly complex legal system of Hell. Over the centuries they have become masters of exploiting the laws of Hell for their own benefit. However, they are quick to warn new members that their can be no power without price.
  • House Kahlir focuses on awakening the blood crowned power that lies dormant in the veins of the Tiefling race. The blood magus is magical tradition kept alive by House Kahlir. The inheritors of Kahlir inevitably transform into half-fiends often adopting the path of the fiend-blooded as a route to quick and easy power. Kahlir actively seeks to recover the lost knowledge of Bael Turath, sponsoring expeditions into ancient ruined cities to claim the secrets that remain.
  • House Zolfura is the most widely known and feared of the remaining fiendish Houses. Zolfura actively recruits and trains those interested in the ancient Tiefling tradition of Fiendbinding and is responsible for sending would be Hellknights to be rigorously trained in the Nine Hells for a period of no less than six years. House Zolfura enforces the ancient laws of Bael Turath, without mercy or remorse.

Ranks and Titles among the Blood Crowned Houses of the East

  1. Hazrat – which means emperor in the low infernal tongue. There hasn’t been a recognized Hazrat in six hundred years. Theoretically, a Hazrat would rule over all three of the remaining Turathi Houses.
  2. Zhazadeh – which means prince in the low infernal tongue. The Zhazadeh are the day to day rulers of the Blood Crowned. In the ancient days, all Zhazadeh were actually princes of royal blood but in these troubled days few can make that claim.
  3. Amir – which means duke in the low infernal tongue.
  4. Hazark – which means baron in the low infernal tongue.
  5. Zardaar – which means lord in the low infernal tongue. The title of Zardaar is often bestowed on hellknights in service to the fiend blooded Houses.
  6. Inheritor – rank and file members of the fiend blooded Houses are called inheritors.

Blood Crowned Houses of the Eastern Provinces

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