Demigods in the campaign


Over the course of adventuring, you have attained some small degree of inherent divine power. This initial spark is different from what divine spellcasters tap into, because it comes from within, not through worship or from the great deeds you have accomplished. As you travel through this epic destiny, you gain a small following of worshipers, which grows with each level until you become a full-fledged deity, and enhances your inherent divine power.

Normally, you can gain an epic destiny by taking the Epic Destiny feat. Doing so takes up your 21st-, 24th-, 27th-, and 30th-level feat slots. (You gain bonus feats from your class normally.)

Divine Spark: At 21st level, you gain a divine ranks of 0. This provides you with maximum hit points per HD, all your future Hit Dice are treated as outsider HD, with outsider saves, doubles your base speed, grants you a deflection bonus equal to your charisma bonus and a natural armor bonus equal to your constitution modifier, and finally damage reduction 20/epic.

Death Denied: At 21st level, you become resistant to attacks that would instantly kill you. You gain a +5 luck bonus on saving throws against necromancy effects and saving throws against massive damage. If you roll a 1 on one of these types of saving throws, you can re-roll the die but must abide by the result of the second roll. If you succeed on a save against a necromancy spell, you suffer no effect, even if you would normally suffer a partial effect.

Regenerative Touch (Sp): At 24th level, you gain the ability to use regenerate at will (caster level 20).

Divine Power (Ex): At 24th level, you become immune to ability damage, ability drain, mind affecting effects, polymorph spells and effects, petrification, and energy drain caused by non-divine beings. Furthermore, you gain Spell Resistance 30.

Divine Surge (Su): At 27th level, you can restore yourself to fighting form. Once per day as an immediate action, you can use this ability to restore yourself to full maximum hit points and gain the benefit of greater restoration.

Miracle (Sp): At 30th level, you can use miracle once per day. You choose what happens, using your own divine power instead of making a request of a deity. You must still pay any XP and component costs required by the miracle spell. Use your character level to determine the caster level.

Divine Immortality: When you reach the end of your destiny quest, you become a true deity (if a minor one). Perhaps you create your own divine domain and portfolio, or perhaps a deity you had a close connection with gives you a piece of his power in respect for your incredible service. You might want to design a divine portfolio, holy symbol, and other trappings of your own faith before the campaign ends, and share those with the group when you finish your destiny quest. When you reach godhood, the adventuring life seems quaint compared to the power you wield. Your character’s need to travel and battle mortal threats is finished, but her influence on other adventurers might not be. Perhaps the deity you’ve become will even be a major player in your next campaign.

Demigods in the campaign

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