Hidden Path

The Hidden Path is an ancient Arkhosian secret monastic society that has survived into the modern era. The Path exists to master the powers of the mind and become enlightened. The Hidden Path was once a noble Arkhosian society of transcendental mystics and scholars but since the fall of the Dragonborn Empire it has had to adapt to the harsh conditions brought about by the cataclysm.

Now the Path is more of a secret society that maintains the monkish trappings of their ancient order but uses that knowledge to rob and kill in the glory of lost Arkhosia. The Hidden Path seeks to rebuild the great and bountiful dragon empire as it is remembered but perhaps not as it was. The masters of the Hidden Path often send their students to slay potential and perceived enemies of the Path as a foundation for the New Empire of Arkhosia that they seek to build.

The Path accepts non-dragonborn initiates as long as they demonstrate some talent for the psionic arts. The Hidden Path places great respect on the development of the Autohypnosis, Concentration, Escape Artist, Hide, Move Silently, and Sense Motive skills. These skills are associated with the Path.

Members of the Path must be psychically endowed. The path offers training in the ways of the ardent, the psionic dragon shaman, the erudite psion, the lurk, the psychic rogue, and psychic warrior classes. These classes have long been associated with the Hidden Path.

Entry requirements: Prospective students of the path must be dragonborn or a member of another psionic race, or possess a wild talent. Further they must have at least 12 ranks in any combination of the respected skills mentioned above. Finally, they must take the Apprentice feat and choose a mentor that is a sensei of the Hidden Path.

Benefits of the Path: Initiates of the Hidden Path learn to harness their mental energies more effectively than ordinary psionicists, in game terms they gain the one extra power point each time that they level up in any of the Path’s associated classes. Furthermore they gain a +4 competence bonus to any two associated skills, due to the secret techniques taught by the path.

The intense psychic training that initiates of the Path undergo allows them to sense when clairvoyance and divination magics are used on them and attempt to counter them with a successful DC (10 + the power or spell’s level) Wisdom check as a free action if they succeed they can, once per round as an immediate action, spend a power point to momentarily resist the effect, giving them a +4 insight bonus to saving throws against the power or spell. Even if the effect doesn’t normally allow a save. If they fail the check, they are merely aware that such an effect was used against them.

The Grand Masters of the path communicate to the members of the Hidden Path through their dreams each night.

Finally, when an initiate reaches their ninth character level as a member of the Path, they are forced to seek the Five Dragon Trials. Instead of gaining a bonus feat, they instead gain a permanent supernatural resistance of 5 vs. any one energy type (acid, cold, fire, electricity or sonic) and they can expend their psionic focus to change that energy type as an immediate action if they are struck by one of the five energy types.

Once they have learned the technique, they are referred to as a Master of the Path.

Hidden Path

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