House Kahlir

Entry Requirements: Decipher Script 2 ranks, any non-good alignment, and must be descended from a fiend.

Associated Classes: blood magus, fiend blooded, seeker of the lost traditions, and tiefling paragon.

Benefits: Tiefling inheritors of House Kahlir gain the feat Blood Calls to Blood within six months of joining the House. This feat provides them with a +2 racial bonus to saves against the attacks, spells, and spell like abilities of evil outsiders and half-fiends.

Economics: The inheritors of Kahlir lavishly reward the recovery of lost Bael Turathi secrets, especially manuscripts and tomes detailing fiendish transformation. Kahlir also pays well for items connected to Devils and former Tieflings that have reached full transmogrification. Any magic item with a direct connect to devils or even rumored to have been owned a devil or demon that was once a tiefling fetches 80% of its market value when sold to the House. Even cursed items of infernal providence can be cashed in for 60% of their market value as House arcanists seek to study such items.

Gear: Members of Kahlir routinely receive inexpensive gifts from the House as a show of support in order to foster ties of loyalty. Each time an inheritor gains a level, she can expect to receive a visit from another member of the House who will treat her to a succulent meal or present her with a minor magic item worth no more than 50 gp x her character level.

Services: Like Zolfura, Kahlir maintains hidden chapter houses in each of the ruined cities of the Eastern Provinces, as well as strongholds in the Nine Hells. Inheritors of the house can expect to be welcomed and treated hospitably if they present themselves at such a sanctuary.

House Kahlir

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