You gasp a breath of cold air like it’s your first. Your eyes snap open. Colors seem dim, and every sound is foreign and filled with newness. Rather than warmth, a chill emanates from within you, making your chest feel heavy and your extremities feel ablaze with heat. The world appears strange, and as you struggle to rise, you have the sense that you control a body not your own.

And nothing is your own. You know that. You remember that. That’s when other memories come. Before this place, you struggled in . . . somewhere cold. The sky was dark, but it was also somehow alight with flowing color—as if the wind glowed instead of the stars. Snow buried everything, veiling the landscape into funereal forms. And before that . . . other memories— scenes, faces, feelings—all a jumble, all confused like a half-forgotten dream.

You know one thing for certain. You were dead. Judging from how you look and feel, you might be a little dead still. You pick a direction and start walking, noting all you can about what you see and hear as you go. You might not remember everything about who you were, but you can make new memories while you try to find out.

Something else hounds your thoughts as you strike out into an eerily familiar world: The dead don’t come back to life by accident. Someone did this to you, and whoever that was had a reason.

Resilient souls returned from death to do the work of fate…

“Revenant” is an acquired template that can be added to any humanoid creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature) of second level or higher. The base creature loses one level as a result of being reanimated.

Character Modifications:

  • Type: The character’s type changes to Undead and the character’s former type becomes a subtype with the “augmented” modifier. The character also gains the Dark Minded subtype.
  • Hit Dice: The character’s BAB, Saves, and skills are all unaffected. The character must reroll his Hit Points, but every hit die is a d12.
  • Ability Scoress: The character loses his Constitution score. As such he cannot run.
  • Alignment: The character’s alignment changes to Lawful. If his alignment should ever become non-lawful, the revenant crumbles into dust and is destroyed forever.
  • Special Qualities: The character cannot be turned, but may be rebuked. The character heals completely at the setting of the sun, unless he is in a hallowed area. This healing can even bring him back from destruction, but if his body is nailed to the ground (in a hallowed area), he can never come back from the dead by any means.
  • Level Adjustment: +0

Dark Minded: This subtype is for intelligent undead, and removes their immunity to mind affecting effects, allows them to recover from injuries normally, and allows them to gain age bonuses to their mental attributes.


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