• Slave [Flaw]

Effect: You cannot take levels of any spellcasting class, while you have this flaw, except adept. You bear a visible arcane mark upon your forehead that marks you as a slave. Because of the enchantment placed upon all slaves, to make them more open to suggestion, you suffer a -2 penalty to Will saves.

Furthermore, a starting out 7th level slave begins the game with 8,665 gold pieces worth of equipment. This can be a single magical item in trusted to the slave by his master, or it can be several items that the slave may actually own. If you choose the second option when equipping your slave, your slave cannot own any single item that is valued at more than 4,335 gold pieces. Likely, his master confiscated such an item when its magic became apparent.

Benefit: You can take any one feat that you meet the prerequisites for.

Special: You cannot a Human of Nerathi stock and take this flaw. Nerathi criminals who have been enslaved aren’t allowed to leave the city where they were made slaves, until the day they are set free or they die.

  • Freedman/Freeman: do not require a feat or flaw to represent your status, unless you are one of the nobility.
  • Noble Birth [Status]

Benefit: You gain a +2 morale bonus to all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform checks made to interact with Freed/Free men and women of the Nerathi Empire. In addition, you suffer a -1 penalty on on Handle Animal checks and wild empathy checks, due to your civilized upbringing. Unlike most characters in the empire, you are literate in all the languages that you know. Knowledge (nobility and royalty) and Speak Language are always class skills for you.

Noble characters also receive a monthly stipend of approximately 100 gold from their House, unless their house has fallen on tough times, the stipend allows you to maintain a good lifestyle anywhere within the Nerathi Empire.

Special: Humans of Nerathi stock who take this feat also gain a +1 bonus to Bluff checks, Diplomacy checks, and Gather information checks which stacks with the morale bonus normally granted by the feat.

Special: Warforged cannot be of Noble Birth, for obvious reasons. While there are not as of yet any Orcish Noble Houses, you can play an Orc that has been awarded the status of Nobility by the King, if you take the Noble Birth feat. You won’t get the stipend if you do, however.


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