Bloodstone Gate of Agamentar

The following is engraved in dethik runes on a wall, above a statue of an erinyes holding a bowl to its lips that stands guard next to the adamantine plated doors of the bloodstone gate.

The script of the last sentence squirms and twists, changing into a language that you can read as you attempt to avert your gaze from its hypnotic dance. Across from the erinyes statue is a life like dwarf statue leaning up against the wall, holding out an empty grasping hand, and wearing a solid gold holy symbol of Moradin (moderate abjuration), though it appears the dwarf statue once held something else long since stolen.

“Kmpcnpcgmsqrszgcq, ylbpcbbcprfyluglc. Ctcpwlppbq, yjjmdrfc. Zsrufclmlcgqkspbcpcbylbjwglerfcpcqjygl, rfclwmsayldglbkc. Without searching in vain.”

This challenge is worth 1,800 XP

Bloodstone Gate of Agamentar

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