Devil Encounters in Agamentar

4,200 XP value = Four Legion Devils each carries 46 gold pieces.

76 hit points when fighting together within 100 feet.

+20 profane bonus on attack rolls 35% chance of summoning another Legion Devil.

Page 122 of Tyrants of the Nine Hells.

The four legion devils have been bound to protect an Bael Turathi marble tomb. They are found in four alcoves set within 50 feet around the entrance chamber. The entrance chamber itself consists of a fifty foot long by five foot wide raised platform with steep metal sloped sides leading down into water filled pits that have stairs leading up to the entrance. The platform has two traps that serve to slow thieves.

Explosive Lightning Bolt Trap

600 XP; magic device; touch trigger; automatic reset; spell effect (lightning bolt, 5th-level wizard, 5d6 electricity, DC 14 Reflex save half damage); Search DC 28; Disable Device DC 28. The trap is triggered by a pressure plate which resets every round. Anyone that fails the reflex save is also knocked five feet away from the line.

The far side hides the activation pressure plate that the legion devils use to shoot those that approach. The far platform contains a forest of columns, and pillars.

Throne of Nelarak, is carried and defended by 5 manes (1,500 XP)

Treasure: the dried up husk of the tiefling wizard Nelarak clutches a spell book and a faded oily tome of bound scaly flesh.

Cantrips: Detect Magic, No Light, Preserve Organ, Read Magic 1st level spells: cause fear, grease, silent image, unseen servant 2nd level spells: entice gift, Graz’zt’s Long Grasp, sadism, vision of entropy 3rd: deep slumber, dispel magic, eyes of the zombie, suggestion and summon monster III 4th: corrupt summons, mirror sending, and wrack 5th: extract gift

Lich Manual: a lich manual effectively grants the reader use of the Craft Wondrous Item feat during the construction of his phylactery and 1,540 XP to off-set the Lich template. Cost: 12,000.

Devil Encounters in Agamentar

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