New Armor

Medium Armors

Adamantine Breastplate:

BAB Benefit
+1: You gain Damage Reduction equal to your Base Attack Bonus, which is negated by Adamantine Weapons.
+5: You gain a +2 bonus on Bullrush checks.
+10: You do not provoke attacks of opportunity when charging.
+15: You gain 5 points of Energy Resistance to Electricity, Acid, and Sonic.

Animal Spirit Armor: Fashioned of the skin of an angry beast, this armor still carries its spirit and will lend you its strength.

Survival Ranks Benefit
4: You inflict +2d6 damage while charging.
8: You gain scent.
13: You gain a natural weapon. This is used as a secondary natural weapon, even if you are otherwise unarmed.
18: You may Wildshape into an appropriate mighty beast.

Bone Armor:

Knowledge (Religion) Ranks Benefit
4: You gain Energy Resistance to Positive or Negative Energy equal to the Armor Bonus of the armor.
8: You are ignored by unintelligent undead as if you were undead.
13: Any undead creature you rebuke is controlled.
18: When you kill a living creature, you heal 10 hit points.

New Armor

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