Undead Encounter 8 in Agamentar

2,700 XP encounter

Two Ghasts (900XP each) rush the PCs down a 120=foot long pitch black corridor. They are followed by a obese human Assassin 5/Thrall of Orcus 1 with Contagion (Slimy Doom) fortitude DC 13 negates scroll and cast through a spectral hand (improved evasion, incorporeal, with an of AC 25). The Thrall is worth 900 XP and emits a Carrion stench with a 10-foot radius: fortitude DC 13 or suffer a -2 penalty to attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws, ability checks and skill checks.

The Thrall can also cast Ghoul Touch fortitude DC 15, negates; Blindness fortitude DC 15 negates; Ray of Enfeeblement 1d6+3, Summon Undead II (2 skeletons) Summon Undead III (Ghoul). The Thrall has a death attack of +7d6 and is armed with a dagger, a masterwork hand crossbow 1d4 piercing damage, and two tangle foot bags. AC 18, touch 12, flat 14. +6 base attack.

Melee +7 Ranged +9

The corridor is 15-feet wide by 120-feet long with a narrow side passage that is 3 feet wide leading into a small 15×15 foot room with an altar to Orcus. There is also a second 10 foot wide passage that leads to the altar room. The altar room has been desecrated to add +4 profane bonus to any undead in the room. The main doors are both locked DC 25.

Tanglefoot Bag

When you throw a tanglefoot bag at a creature (as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 10 feet), the bag comes apart and the goo bursts out, entangling the target and then becoming tough and resilient upon exposure to air. An entangled creature takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls and a -4 penalty to Dexterity and must make a DC 15 Reflex save or be glued to the floor, unable to move. Even on a successful save, it can move only at half speed. Huge or larger creatures are unaffected by a tanglefoot bag. A flying creature is not stuck to the floor, but it must make a DC 15 Reflex save or be unable to fly (assuming it uses its wings to fly) and fall to the ground. A tanglefoot bag does not function underwater.

A creature that is glued to the floor (or unable to fly) can break free by making a DC 17 Strength check or by dealing 15 points of damage to the goo with a slashing weapon. A creature trying to scrape goo off itself, or another creature assisting, does not need to make an attack roll; hitting the goo is automatic, after which the creature that hit makes a damage roll to see how much of the goo was scraped off. Once free, the creature can move (including flying) at half speed. A character capable of spellcasting who is bound by the goo must make a DC 15 Concentration check to cast a spell. The goo becomes brittle and fragile after 2d4 rounds, cracking apart and losing its effectiveness. An application of universal solvent to a stuck creature dissolves the alchemical goo immediately.

Undead Encounter 8 in Agamentar

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